Neighbours Moved To Treblinka (exhibition)

Neighbours Moved To Treblinka – org. WIDOK Association for Cultural Education, Białystok Cultural Centre

Artists: Ewa Chacianowska, Aleksandra Czerniawska, Grzegorz Dąbrowski, Małgorzata Dmitruk, Paweł Grześ, Krystyna Piotrowska, Rafał Siderski, Katarzyna Zabłocka, Tomasz Waszczeniuk, and Janusz Badurski
Curator of the exhibition: Magdalena Godlewska-Siwerska

Panelists: Anda Rottenberg, Jacek Witold Leociak, Ewa Rogalewska, Krzysztof Godlewski.
Host: Katarzyna Sztop-Rutkowska

 In 1942, during the Wannsee Conference, the authorities of Nazi Germany made a decision about the “final solution to the Jewish question”. A list with detailed information was created – how many Jews should be “cleaned up” in each of the European countries. Among the names of countries only one region is mentioned, Bezirk Bialystok, with 400.000 Jews intended for extermination.

The consequences of this decision are difficult to grasp even today. Ruined tenements in central parts of towns, empty dwellings, weedy Jewish cemeteries do not let us forget about it even after 75 years. They are like a remorse – we can neither forget about them, nor demolish them, nor utilize them. They are rooted in the landscape, people are used to them. Few people ask about their former residents. Usually we just do not know that on the way to school or work we pass the ruins of houses belonging to the Jews who died in Treblinka.

The exhibition was set up on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Wannsee Conference. This is the first contemporary art exhibition in Bialystok about the Polish–Jewish relations, about the emptiness we feel after the Holocaust.